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Shifu Neil Ripski is our Founder and Master Instructor. He has been training in Chinese Martial Arts since the mid 1980s and has attained the rank of Shifu (instructor/teacher) in Ba ying quan (Eight Shadows Fist) Kung Fu, Ba ying jiu quan (Drunken Boxing), Wing Chun, Lohan and Taijiquan. Sifu Neil Ripski resides in Creston and has instructors currently teaching around the world, in Tel Aviv Israel, Aberdeen Scotland and Taipei Taiwan ROC. Hes been a judge at the Vancouver Tiger Balm International Tournament and has successfully competed, although his attention is now fully offered to his students and their individual journies into the world of Chinese Martial Arts.

Shifu Ripski's Instructional books and dvds can be found on www.lulu.com, Amazon and www.plumpub.com. As well, his articles on qigong and health practices are found weekly in the Creston Valley Advance newspaper and I Love Creston magazine.