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Drunken Boxing
From the Shaolin Monastery to Jackie Chan
By Neil Ripski and Tomehr Ben Johanan

Red Jade Martial Arts is located in Creston British Columbia Canada. Our founder and head instructor, Sifu Neil Ripski, resides in Creston and has instructors currently teaching around the world, in Tel Aviv Israel, Aberdeen Scotland and Taipei Taiwan ROC. For more information on Sifu Ripski please view our Instructors page.

Sifu Ripski also accepts private students including those interested in full-time and/or 'live-in' Drunken Boxing Instructor Programs. He currently has classes offered in Ba Ying Quan (Eight Shadows Fist Style), Drunken Boxing, Taiji Quan (Tai Chi Chuan) of both Yang & Chen family styles, Qigong (Chi Kung), Wing Chun, and Meditation.

For more information please call Sifu Ripski at 250-866-5263
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